What people are saying:

Wow!  The website (www.myncm.com) looks terrific.  You did a great job of sorting out all of the information that I shared with you. As always, it's nice working with you.

Vicky Shaffer
Nature Coast Ministries

I worked with Michael today on the admin tech. Thank you for your patience, your entire team is great to work with. Very helpful.

Joanne Eberhart
Eberhart Artworks

We are absolutely loving the new website www.wecarefoodpantry.org you designed for us! We have gotten so much good feedback on it and even some online donations. Thank you so, so much for all your help with it, it's truly wonderful.

Ashley Byrne
We Care Food Bank

Michael, thanks again for everything you do! I seriously appreciate it. You’re a rockstar!

Brittney Carman, Community Relations Specialist
Citrus County Sheriff's Office

Just wanted to give a huge thank you to Michael on the set-up on the business partner search.  After a year and a half of struggling with our old webmaster and then with the  Rappatoni feed, it only took Michael a couple of days and got exactly what I had mentally pictured and hoped for.  I presented the search to the Business Partner Committee yesterday morning and everyone loved it.  I am updating as they as are giving me the information and it’s so easy.  This is a huge “plus” for our business partners.  Again, thank you Michael, you are awesome and did a great job!

Paula Anspach, Communications Director
Realtors® Association of Citrus County, Inc.

Web site is looking good Steve, and Michael was absolutely great to work with.  Thank you for your support.

JR Martin, Licensed Real Estate Broker/General Contractor
Discount Realty Florida, LLC

Just wanted to let you know that the registration page and system Michael set up for us worked very smoothly, in fact it went much better than any of our previous registrations. Next years will be in Cedar Key, so we'll be in for another round. Thanks for the great job!

Steve Cournoyer
Hidden Coast Paddling Adventures

There was a time when the Internet was a foreign word, and a few guys went out on their own to form a new business, Nature Coast Web Design. At that time, I did not know too much about advertising on the web, but took the plunge to have these guys see what they could do for our business. Over the many years, working with Steve, Carl and Michael have been the easiest anyone could have ever asked for. They were working with someone that didn't really understand how it all worked. However, over the years with many changes to our web site, it has been by far, the best money that we could have ever spent on any advertising. We have had nothing but complements from our customers about how informative and easy it was to navigate our site. We then added Search Engine words that targeted our clientele. After adding that feature, our business skyrocketed. That feature alone is worth it's weight in gold. Anytime that there was a technical issue with our site, it was solved within minutes of the phone call. Any changes that I wanted done to the site were also handled very quickly.

Nature Coast Web Design is one of the easiest businesses to work with, all for a very affordable price.

Sue Ellen Friddle
Moonrise Resort

Nature Coast Web Design did a great job creating my website and did it for a very reasonable price. I would recommend them to all my clients.

Steven Fichtman
Fichtman Law Office
Crystal River, Florida

I'm so excited to see the final version (of our new logo).  You have been awesome to work with, your advice was very much appreciated and we love the work you did. Thank you so much, Carl!!!!

Laura Byrne, Chief Operating Officer
We Care Food Pantry

Our old website looked and felt like it was created in the Dark Ages. Thanks to the people at Nature Coast Design and Marketing, we now have a beautiful, new website that is mobile-friendly, and was reasonable in cost Their personal and honest approach in working with customers to create a new website is one of their best qualities. They were available for us all the way, and even on weekends and after hours. We are grateful for their friendly, professional expertise. We highly recommend them!

Becca Bryan, Media Chairperson
Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge

Wow Steve this is AWESOME we could not be happier. Thank You and your TEAM for the great new look!

Michael Toft
Roadrunner Auto Glass

If you are looking to have your own quality website to showcase your business then you need to call Steve. Steve and his team at Nature Coast Web Design & Marketing will ensure that you have the best and most up to date website that will also appeal to anyone looking for your business.

Alan Lanthier
Looking Glass Home Watch, LLC

Steve and his team are the best. They designed my website and handle all my maintenance needs for the website and our e-mail accounts. His team is very knowledgeable and helpful whenever we have any "e-mail" issues! Nature Coast Web Design services are affordable, professional, and Steve understands a variety of market trends to make sure your website will be noticed and get indexed by the search engines. I highly recommend Steve Tallman with Nature Coast Web Design.

Megan Ennis
Citrus Lending

On behalf of the staff and administration of the College, I want to thank Carl for his talent, skill, and patience while we navigated the process of bringing the logo to life.  His renderings of the three top vote getters were impeccable and true to the spirit of those designs.  They enabled the staff to choose the design they believed was the best representative of our 50 year history to date. The desire to get the commemorative logo “just right” was strong and we appreciate your patience during the process.  This logo will be a permanent part of our history and will be in the public eye forevermore. Thank you again.  You are truly appreciated.

Jeane DeFelice, Career and Media Specialist
Withlacoochee Technical College

I want to extend a sincere “thank you” to you for your help and assistance with the ASAP updates to our websites while our accreditation team was on campus.  Your timely responses to requests regarding  updates and tweaks to the main WTC site and the CCPSTC site were very much appreciated.  You are always right on top of updates, but it gave me an extra feeling of security knowing that this week, more than ever, your responsiveness could be counted on.  This was a huge event for us – one that has been over a year in the making.  Thank you again for your role in making it as smooth as possible.

Jeane DeFelice, Career and Media Specialist
Withlacoochee Technical College

Just wanted to reach out let you know that we couldn't be happier with Nature Coast Web Design. Going through a complete website overhaul can be a very difficult process, especially for an organization of our size. However your teams organized and disciplined approach lead our organization through it easily. The Nature Coast Web Design employees are very professional and their knowledge is incredible. Not only were they very knowledgeable and efficient in their work, but they also offered their suggestions and creative ideas time and time again throughout the process of adding numerous pages and features to our website.

Lindsay Blair, Media Relations Specialist
Citrus County Sheriff's Office

We have received many compliments about our website and we appreciate all your help in creating and maintaining it.

Philip Tanzer, President
Sugarmill Woods Civic Assoc., Inc.

Wow the new (Citrus County Sheriff's) website header looks so much better! The navigation is still a bit complex with the horizontal and vertical menus; but still a noticeable improvement. Great Job!

Melissa Rivera
Citrus County Resident

Thank you for all your help. You guys are doing an awesome job!. In the newsletter that is coming out in the Chronicle tomorrow on the last page I talk about the website and mentioned you and Steve. I am presenting the website to our Board on the 25th and will most diffidently do a real brag job about you guys.

Paula Anspach, Executive Assistant/Marketing Director/Public Realations
Habitat for humanity of Citrus County

From the get go, it has been a pleasure working with Nature Coast Web Design. Every request has been handled immediately, correctly and professionally. The ideas put forth to us have been beneficial in the creation of our website and they have helped increase our traffic tremendously. Kudos to Nature Coast Web Design!

Wayne Brunsink
Sweetwater Homes of Citrus, Inc.

Steve, everything looks amazing!!! Gailen shared the website today at our meeting...all were very impressed! I really cannot tell you how much we appreciate what you do for us Steve, Citrus County is so fortunate to have you and your team!

Comfort Keepers

IT’S UP!!! YOU GUYS TOTALLY ROCK! Thank you so much for reacting quickly to that disaster with the other company! Great Job!!!!!!

Juli Jacobs / Office Manager
Caddieshack Golf Cart Sales and Repair LLC

The team at Nature Coast Web Design provided our company with a well designed, user friendly website that has received many accolades from our customers and vendors alike. The NCWD staff worked closely with our company while designing the website and provided us with the creativity we were looking for to showcase our product lines and services. Most importantly has been their ongoing customer support in our subsequent marketing efforts. Working with NCWD is a real pleasure and has been a worthwhile, productive marketing investment for us.

Lisa Moore
Gulf-Atlantic Industrial Equipment, Inc.

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